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Essential Oils are Earths Oldest Medicines
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My experience with essential oils have been nothing less than profound. There are miracles in modern medicine, but I believe we have forgotten the original miracles. Someone very wise once said “Don’t believe anything I tell you if it goes against your own common sense”; and we are getting sicker and the more pills we take the sicker we get. What do you think? We have stopped trusting our own instincts, and the constant seduction by the pharmaceuticals does not help.


I hear of doctors that are pressured by their patients to prescribe something they saw on TV; and a suggestion to change diet and exercise patterns is met with the threat to move on to another doctor. Is the doctor just the middleman to deliver prescriptions? Have WE turned them into that?

If you are a shareholder in one of these companies you are reaping the benefits



 I am sometimes hesitant to use the word “aromatherapy” because it is stuck on labels at a Wal-Mart, etc. They know people associate aromatherapy with stress relieving, calming, and emotionally uplifting.

Products that claim to be “inspired” by natural botanicals, are inspired to trigger that part of our brain that says “yes, that is a good thing”. What they may trigger is many of the allergies, and other afflictions that we suffer from; and it is pretty hard to convince ourselves that something that smells like flowers could be bad. And even if it smells bad we will use it to kill all those deadly bacteria that will make us sick (BLEACH?); and it kills the good bacteria that we need to survive.

The CDC has been warning us for over a decade to back off on antibiotics, but gosh, the market has been too good; it’s hard to stop the money machine. The CEO of whatever pharmaceutical company is OVERPAID to do one thing…keep the shareholders happy.


It is impossible in our culture to rid ourselves of all the chemicals, but it is possible to take control of your personal environment.

Essential Oils are aromatic, they will remove metallic particles, and toxins from the air; they are powerful antioxidants and work to stimulate our immune system. Some essential oils have been shown to destroy all tested bacteria and viruses; and clinical research has shown that essentials oils can quickly raise our frequency, restoring it to a normal, healthy level.


Essential oils help promote emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being, and there are records of these being used for thousands of years; and the Bible mentions these oils over a hundred times. 

Modern science has shown that essential oils can penetrate the tissues of the skin, and effect cell of the body within 20 minutes



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