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Lyme Disease
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Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia


Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia
Unfortunately, because their symptoms are so similar, Lyme disease and fibromyalgia are often confused for one another. Many people with Lyme disease suffer the same widespread pain and tender points as fibromyalgia sufferers do. There is a diagnostic test for lyme disease, but it often produces false positive or false negative results. Consequently, many patients are left suffering for prolonged periods of time.

It is thought that between 15% and 50% of those patients diagnosed with Lyme disease actually have fibromyalgia. It is important that you be tested for Lyme disease using a variety of different diagnostic tests, in order to rule out this disease. Long-term antibiotic treatment can result in serious side effects, and won’t do anything for your fibromyalgia symptoms.

Symptoms of Lyme Disease
If you have been in tick-infested areas, it is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of Lyme disease. If you have fibromyalgia, it is also important to be aware of the few distinguishing Lyme disease symptoms. This will help to ensure that you aren’t misdiagnosed with Lyme disease.

Local Symptoms of Lyme Disease
Local or early symptoms of Lyme disease are those that occur within the first two months of infection. They are typically mild and many people mistake the symptoms for the flu, making diagnosis difficult. These Lyme disease symptoms include:

  • The presence of a spreading red skin rash around the site of your tick bite. This Lyme disease rash appears within 3 and 30 days of infection; however, it only appears in 60% to 80% of those infected with the disease.
  • fatigue
  • chills
  • low fever
  • slight headache
  • muscle and joint ache

Disseminated Symptoms of Lyme Disease
Disseminated Lyme disease symptoms occur after eight weeks of infection. These symptoms result from the bacteria’s invasion of widespread areas of the body. Symptoms include:

  • severe headache
  • meningitis
  • severe muscle and joint pain
  • dizziness
  • heart palpitations
  • neurological problems including memory loss, difficulty speaking, difficulty concentrating, and paralysis of the face (Bell’s Palsy)

Treatment for Lyme Disease
Lyme disease treatment can be effective, especially when caught within 8 weeks of infection. More serious cases may never be eliminated completely. A four-week course of oral antibiotics is given for those suffering from the early stages of Lyme disease. Commonly used antibiotics include doxycyclin and amoxicillin. Intravenous antibiotics, like ceftrioxone, are administered for more advanced cases.

Lyme disease does become chronic in about 5% of cases. Chronic lyme disease, called post Lyme disease, does not respond well to treatment and can lie dormant in your body for years. People with post Lyme disease can suffer from recurrent symptom outbreaks for many years.

Lyme Disease Prevention
In order to avoid getting Lyme disease, your best solution is to avoid contact with ticks or tick-infested areas. If you are going to be in areas where ticks are breeding:

  • Wear long sleeves and long pants
  • Tuck your pants into your socks
  • Use tick repellent
  • Keep your pets inside
  • Check yourself every 24 hours for ticks. Remove any ticks you find and keep them in a glass jar for testing.

DeerTick Bite

In 2oo6 a tiny little tick changed my mind. I was literally dancing around while vacuuming and in a split second a pain went up my left arm and around my torso. My first thought was of course a heart attack; but as the pain continued to move into torso, ankles, and finally settle to my right side...I was not sure what was happening.
The next thing I did I would NOT reccommend - I put on my boxing gloves and started my own stress test with the punching bag. I passed the test but what was it?
My right side was so hyper-sensitive it hurt for clothes to touch me. The biggest mystery was this was a pain that my Omega Pain Spray did not work for; and I had not seen that myself. I did have many customers that used my product for pain relief but there was certain pains they said it did not affect.

This is the reason I have no regrets about my hitchhiker tick: I had started to doubt some of my customers the same as their doctors had. I now understand those so real pains, and if you have not experienced it cannot understand.
But please do not let that stop you if you suffer from these unknown pains, because what I am going to tell you now changed my mind.

I had been in horrible pain for 2 days before I found the tiny deer tick in my left side (thought it was a mole) and as soon as I pulled it out the bullseye appeared (picture below) and grew to size of a LARGE orange and stayed for about 3 weeks. The tick was out but the pain was making me insane, and I was praying to die because I knew after 2 days I would not want to live with this kind of pain.
I had tried everything including pharmacuiticals and nothing would stop the pain. I remembered a blend I had put together months earlier and really did not know what to do with it; I had only done it because it was a 400 year old recipe and I was facinated with it's history. Within 10 seconds of putting this oil on the pain STOPPED...I mean gone. It was so fast and complete it really scared me, and for a second I thought I had got my wish...dead?.

The main ingredient in this blend, Candew, was cannibus. I have believed in the power of these oils for a long time but this is not your typical essential oil. It is illegal and it is God's medicine.
I have many of my customers use this blend, and they get the same result with what seems to be nerve related pain as opposed to muscle pain that my Omega's work for. I do tell them what the herb is but after it works for them they do not care what it works, and when you hurt that is all that matters....stop the pain...and hopefully without destroying my other organs.