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Omega Pain (end pain) was where I started, and my mission was just to do that...end pain. The key to my deliema was doing it without narcotics that hide the pain; and focus on healing the body, and the mind. The products below are the original formula that came about from my great-grandmothers inspiration; and to me and many of my customers they have been a blessing.
13 essential oils, emu oil, sunflower oil, and distilled water in the spray and beeswax in my massage balm. I do my own blending and use no synthetics, alcohol, or chemicals. No need..

molly browns omega pain spraypainspraywebpic.jpg    

This is my  Massage Therapist / Accupuncturist in a spray bottle
My 3 oz pump spray was the first, and though I love the massage balm, this goes everywhere I go. My customers tell me they don't leave home without,long lasting need to massage.
God produces the most powerful medicines...I only package them

3 oz pump spray - $15.00

fibromyalgia treatmentOmega Deep Tissue Massage Balm

The same strength and formula as my spray
Used by MANY Massage Therapist...makes their job easier!

4 oz tin - $20.00

fibromyalgia symptoms and treatmentOmega Concentrate

Will make 4 to 5 pump spray refills
mix .75 to 1 oz concentrate to bottle,top w/ distilled water
Let set for at least 24 hours in spray before using

mix 1 part to 3 parts carrier oil for massage

4 oz amber plastic bottle - $38.00

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Candew Spray -Hemp (cannibus sativa)

I got Lyme Disease 3 years ago and the pain was horrible; and on one side of my body except for the pelvic area; and that felt like I was in a vice. The thing I did not understand was my Omega products were not relieving the pain. By the second day I was praying to die...and then I remembered a blend I had put together months earlier from a 400 year old recipe. I was desperate at this point and I opened the bottle and literally dumped it on my my right torso. I started rubbing it in and within 10 seconds the pain was gone! It was so fast and completely gone I thought I had died for a second.

This blend as I discovered is for nerve related pain, and it is also infused in emu oil.
I am only doing this in a 3 oz spray for now as the oils I use are rare and expensive, and this is the most economical way to use at the moment.

3 oz spray - $ 20.00